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Birthdate:Nov 5
I decided it was about time I update this thing. So, me:

I currently reside in the land down under, I'm 24, and I lead an extremely boring life that revolves around a very limited number of things.

I love watching movies, I love reading, I love watching TV, I love listening to fact it seems I like most anything that involves my imagination. So we'll go with that. I like my imagination.

My listed interests are incomplete because I can never think of all of them until a time when I am not in front of my computer.

Basically? NCIS is the greatest thing to ever grace the world of television with its presence. I love that show. Pathetic, but it has made me laugh, cry and everything in between. It makes me happy, so I make no apologies for my insane love of it.

Another explanation, the Twix I have in my interests is not the chocolate. It is the wonderful, insane, supremely awesome and perfect friendship/twin/seperated at birth thing that I share with [info]rhiannon_666. Twix ~ can not be explained to outsiders. Twix ~ Made of epic win.

Lord of the Rings is another big love of mine. Books first, movies second. The themes of those stories have always been of great importance to me. They are set in another time, and yet they are still so relevant. Friendship, triumph over evil, unconditional loyalty, temptation, power, corruption...I could go on but I know you're already bored. But who wouldn't want a friendship like that of Frodo and Sam? Someone who will be there for you, do anything for you whilst expecting nothing in return.

Another interest I just remembered to add...Matchbox Twenty. I find it hard to ever label a singer or band as a favourite because I have quite wide ranging taste but Matchbox Twenty come close. Seeing them live was one of the best things I have ever done. I think in my post about it I said Rob Thomas and I would marry one day. *is crazy, and yes, knows this*

I have no technological skill whatsoever, so my journal is pretty boring, I don't update very often, so I don't feel bad that not many people read it, and I feel the need to know people before I friend them. Knowing people usually involves a few comments back and forth.

And that's about it. No way possible for me to make myself sound interesting, so I'm not going to try.

Oh, I have an awesome new Robin Hood mood theme, because I decided it was high time I had a more fun one, and this one is fantastic. (And I love that when I'm pissed off it's Robin throwing a punch). It was made by the obviously highly talented [info]rory_tutorgirl.

The equally lovely new Robin and Marian header I have made by the very talented [info]miss_izzles

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